Our sponsors

PLATINUM sponsor:
CHEPLAPHARM is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Greifswald, Germany, offering branded and niche products in more than 120 countries worldwide. The family-owned company specializes in selected active substances and indications and focuses on an international buy-and-build strategy.
Working closely with its business partners, CHEPLAPHARM achieves sustainable annual growth rates.
CHEPLAPHARM has been one of the fastest-growing pharmaceutical companies in Europe for years.
CHEPLAPHARM Arzneimittel GmbH

Ziegelhof 24
17489 Greifswald – Germany
Phone: +49 3834 8539 – 330

GOLD sponsor:
Near Rennes, the research centre Bioprojet Biotech brings together some fifty collaborators which ensure the R&D of the group. Spread in four unities, the Biotech teams are in charged to create new molecules and to realize the preclinical evaluation of these candidate’s drugs.After the discovery, in 1992, of a new molecule in gastroenterology, Bioprojet has created a new company: Bioprojet Pharma, allowing to put this molecule on the market. This is the beginning of a big success. Since the beginning of the 2000s, Biotech has extended its international presence with the creation of several subsidiaries. Except France, Bioprojet is currently operational in 9 Europeans countries (Benelux, Italy, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain) and also in Tunis. BIOPROJET-BIOTECH

9, rue Rameau
75002 Paris – France
Phone: +33 (0)1 47 03 66 33

SILVER sponsor:
The Fondation Pierre Deniker was created in 2007 by professors Jean-Pierre Olié and Henri Lôo in order to lead high-quality projects in the field of mental health. Over the last 10 years, it has become a foundation of reference in the field in France, creating and supporting innovative programs focused on scientific research on mental health issues and their prevention.
Its objectives include:

    • Supporting research programs in France and around the world aiming to enhance scientific knowledge and develop multidisciplinary approaches between research teams

  • • Implementing specific programs with practical results for the patients and their relatives
    • Providing citizens with informative tools to help them manage their mental health
    • Helping society at large change its vision of mental disorders by tackling discrimination, fighting against misinformation and ending stigma.

7, rue Cabanis
75014 Paris – France
Phone: +33 (0)1 45 65 71 37

SILVER sponsor:
Biocodex is an independent multinational pharmaceutical company built on high-standards science and manufacturing, with six decades of proven success.
Biocodex is a health care company with the mission of providing good quality products and service to our worldwide partners and ultimately patients, while at the same time remaining humble and responsible, ensuring that every aspect of our business is conducted with integrity.
Our ambition is to develop and supply physicians and other health care providers, products that enhance health and quality of life. The key to our success is our anticipation of the latest health trends; developing meaningful solutions that improve patient lives.
Acting together; being partner-focused; committing to excellence; maintaining high moral standards; thinking for tomorrow.
Our collective journey: from research, manufacturing, to our subsidiaries and partners, we are constantly striving to provide superior health care solutions with optimal balance between efficacy and tolerance.

7 avenue Gallieni
94257 Gentilly cedex – France
Phone: +33(0)1 41 24 30 00

SILVER sponsor:
With an initial investment of € 21 million, D&A PHARMA was founded in 2006. The headquarters are located downtown Paris (8th District) and D&A PHARMA R&D and production site is based in Houdan, 40 miles (or 60 Km) to the west of Paris. The main “Know-How” developed in the D&A PHARMA R&D site resides in the optimization of drug formulation, including new and non invasive routes of administration, increased duration of action, better safety and/or efficacy profile demonstrated by clinical studies.
Life cycle of these products can be considerably improved through innovative patented formulations. Our pharmaceutical and clinical development programs are conceived in accordance with European and US regulations. D&A PHARMA’s workforce consist of 50 highly competent staff.

7 rue d’Aguesseau
75008 Paris – France
Phone: +33(0)1 53 04 42 09

TECOmedical develops and offers an extensive range of FDA and EMA approved biomarkers for pre-clinical and clinical studies.
Biomarkers for biosafety and research studies, as well as for clinical diagnostic:
Drug-induced liver and kidney injury testing, Apoptosis and Necrosis assays for Nonalcoholic and Alcoholic Steatohepatitis.
A Multiplex system for Cytokine and Complement pathway fragment assays for up-to 18 analytes.
Furthermore, TECOmedical offers customized test development.
TECOmedical Group

Gewerbestrasse 10
4450 Sissach – Switzerland
Phone: +41 (0)61 985 81 00
e-mail: [email protected]

Our greatest motivation: health. Our measuring devices are used to learn more about diseases and are also used in various treatments. Together with our customers, who are major international research laboratories, we participate in each project for the advancement of human knowledge so that one day, the following serious diseases can be eradicated: Addictions, Alzheimer’s, Autism, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Huntington’s disease, Depression, Obsessive compulsive disorders (OCD), Epilepsy, Obesity, Multiple Sclerosis, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Bipolar disorders and Parkinson’s disease.Imetronic was established in 1988 to meet the growing need for automated measurements for in vivo tests in French Neuroscience laboratories. IMETRONIC

156 avenue Jean Jaures
33600 Pessac – France
Phone: +33 (0)5 56 98 29 62

We are a European-based specialty pharmaceutical company with global reach and a committed player in the treatment of pain, addiction and critical care.
We also develop and market specialty drugs and generics that provide added value to healthcare providers and deliver high quality medicines for patients.

179 Bureaux de la Colline
92213 Saint-Cloud – France
Phone: +33 (0)1 41 12 17 20

Founded in 1964, Inserm is a public scientific and technological institute which operates under the joint authority of the French Ministries of Health and Research. The institute is dedicated to biomedical research and human health, and is involved in the entire range of activities from the laboratory to the patient’s bedside. It also partners with the most prestigious research institutions in the world that are committed to scientific challenges and progress in these fields. INSERM

Inserm Hauts-de-France et Normandie
6 rue du Professeur Laguesse
59045 Lille cedex – France
Phone: +33 (0)3 20 29 82 23

The French National Cancer Institute (INCa) is the preeminent health and science agency in charge of cancer control in France, created under the Public Health Act of 9th August 2004. It reports to the ministries for Health and for Research.
The Institute is a public interest grouping (GIP) which brings together State representatives, charities, health insurance funds, research organisations and hospital federations. These stakeholders share a common goal of reducing the incidence of avoidable cancers and the number of cancer deaths, improving the quality of life of people with cancer during and after their illness, and reducing inequalities related to cancer.
The Institute provides an integrated approach encompassing all cancer-control dimensions (health, scientific, social and economic) and areas of intervention (prevention, screening, care and research) for the benefit of patients and their relatives.
To catalyse progress, the INCa acts as an interface with patients, their friends and families, the healthcare system users, general public, healthcare professionals, researchers, experts and decision-makers.
The Institute is responsible for rolling out the 2014-2019 Cancer Plan.
French National Cancer Institute (INCa)

52, avenue André-Morizet
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt – France
Phone: +33 (1) 41 10 50 00

The European Society for Biomedical Research on Alcoholism was founded in 1988 as a non-profit scientific international organisation.
The objectives of ESBRA are:
• to promote European medical and biological research on alcoholism and alcohol effects and
• to disseminate information on biomedical problems arising from use and abuse of alcohol.
The society promotes European scientific cooperation amongst its members by organising meetings, lectures, seminars, congresses and by exchange of researchers. The most important ESBRA event is the biannually organised congress, where the latest results and developments in European biomedical research on alcoholism are presented.
The official journal of ESBRA is Alcohol and Alcoholism, which contains peer-reviewed papers on biomedical, psychological and sociological aspects of alcohol effects. This journal is published bimonthly by the Oxford University Press, jointly with the British Medical Council on Alcohol.

Wimbergergasse 21/22
1070 Vienna – Austria
Phone: +43 676 6430320
e-mail: [email protected]

The French Society on Alcohology (SFA) contributes to the multidisciplinary development of alcohology, around the use and misuse of alcohol,
The work of the society focuses on prevention, therapeutics, evaluation and the study of all topics regarding ethyl alcohol.
The society is a place of exchanges about the most targeted research and practical experiences as well as addictive comorbidities.
SFA participates in information and initial and ongoing training, brings her expertise to public health issues and communicates
with other associations of addiction field.

7, rue Charles Baudelaire
91340 Ollainville – France

Alcohology & Addictology is the journal of the French Society on Alcohology (SFA). REVUE ALCOOLOGIE ET ADDITOLOGIE

c/o PRINCEPS Editions
7, rue Charles Baudelaire
91340 Ollainville – France
Phone: +33 (0)6 46 79 23 98

The French Federation of Addictology (FFA) brings together most of the professional associations involved in the field of addictions (alcohology, smoking, drug addiction interventions). FEDERATION FRANÇAISE D’ADDICTOLOGIE

c/o Association Nationale de Prévention en Alcoologie et Addictologie
20, rue Saint-Fiacre
75002 Paris – France

The University of Picardy Jules Verne has been enriched by its 40 years of operation and has been independent since January 1st 2011. Create the future also means perpetuate our philosophy : allowing the youth of Picardy to benefit from a large range of skills, knowledge and experiences open to the world and to the society. We foresee the future with equanimity thanks to the strong bases on which relies our will to offer a competitive research and an education accessible to everyone. For many decades, the UPJV has welcomed every year more than 3000 international students coming from 122 countries and wanting to study at our university. UPJV’s researchers are active in numerous research fields. These fields can be divided into three broad areas : Arts, humanities and scocial sciences, Natural sciences and mathematics, Life and health sciences. The international is a priority in the strategy of development of the University of Picardie Jules Verne. Its presence on the international scene is manifested by the expansion of its network of partner universities, its participation in major exchange programmes and its accession to the Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie and the Agency National Campus France. UNIVERSITE DE PICARDIE JULES VERNE

Chemin du Thil
CS 52501
80025 Amiens Cedex 1 – France

Labelled I-SITE in February 2017, the Université Lille Nord-Europe (ULNE) project brings together 14 founding members with the aim of transforming the research and academic landscape in the Hauts-de-France region by strengthening and disseminating its excellence. Its goal is to create a major international university, ranked among the top 50 universities in Europe within 10 years: the Université Lille Nord-Europe (ULNE).
The project is structured around three interconnected research themes – Health, Planet and Digital World – covering a broad disciplinary spectrum. Internationalisation, pedagogical innovation and valorisation are among the project’s highest priorities.
The perimeter of the I-SITE includes other entities labelled by the PIA: 4 Laboratories of Excellence, 6 Facilities of Excellence, 1 ITE, 1 IDEFI, 1RHU and 1 SAAT.
Fondation I-SITE

42 rue Paul Duez
59000 Lille – France
Phone: +33 (0)3 62 26 90 81

Le 4 janvier 2016, les 170 conseillers régionaux ont élu Xavier Bertrand président du Conseil régional. A la suite de son élection, 15 vice-présidents ont été désignés.
Plusieurs fois par an, les élus régionaux sont appelés à travailler en sessions de travail collectives : séances plénières et commission permanente. Ces sessions leur permettent d’échanger, de débattre, et de voter les décisions.
Les élus se prononcent en particulier sur :
• Les actions menées concernant chaque compétence de la Région
• Les décisions à prendre au regard de certaines actualités
• Tous sujets impactant la vie des habitants des Hauts-de-France
• Le budget régional
La commission permanente
Émanation de l’assemblée régionale, la commission permanente est composée à la proportionnelle des groupes politiques représentés au sein du Conseil régional.
Son rôle est de délibérer et rendre des avis sur les dossiers et rapports qui lui sont soumis (hormis les compétences budgétaires).
Les commissions thématiques
Ces commissions de travail et d’étude donnent leurs avis sur les dossiers proposés par l’administration régionale en fonction des compétences de la Région. Elles sont composées de conseillers régionaux désignés par leurs groupes politiques, à la proportionnelle.
Chaque dossier examiné ayant reçu un avis favorable est transmis pour décision à l’Assemblée régionale réunie en séance plénière ou en commission permanente.

151 Avenue du président Hoover
59555 Lille cedex – France
Phone : +33 (0)3 74 27 00 00